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Biocidin Throat Spray Advanced Frm / Bio-Botanical / 1 oz
Biocidin Throat Spray Advanced Frm / Bio-Botanical / 1 oz

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Biocidin®®Broad Spectrum Support

Targets Systemic and G.I. Conditions

Includes Support for Detoxification & Immune Function

Biocidin® is a potent broad-spectrum botanical compound designed to support the entire immune system. This carefully crafted formula targets the intestines and supports digestion, as well as systemic immune function. Independent laboratory testing has concluded that Biocidin® has broad reaching effects in various and challenging environments.* Recommended by leading physicians in addressing complex and chronic clinical presentations.

Summary of Benefits

  • Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Botanicals and Essential Oils Target Systemic and G.I. Conditions
  • Laboratory and Clinically Tested for Effectiveness for over 20 years
  • Includes Support for Detoxification and Immune Function
  • Liquid formulation is pleasant tasting, and may be taken on an empty stomach
  • Well tolerated by children and used by leading practitioners treating Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Often recommended as part of a program addressing Lyme disease in combination with Olivirex®
  • Used as part of a program to address Bio-films and resistant conditions.

Biocidin® Throat Spray Advanced Formula 1 oz

Grain alcohol
Vegetable glycerine
Hydrastis canadensis, Goldenseal
Plantago major, Plantain
Silybum marianum, Milk Thistle
Echinacea angustifolia, Purple Coneflower
Morinda cirtifolia, Noni Fruit
Juglans nigra, Black Walnut
Lentinus edodes, Shitake
Mentha piperita, Peppermint
Origanum vulgare, Oregano
Ferula galbaniflua, Galbanum
Lavendula angustifolia, Lavender
Melaleuca alternifolia, Tea Tree
Gentiana lutea, Gentian

Suggested use:
1 to 3 sprays 3 times daily or as needed.

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