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Evolv Health Opportunity

At the heart of the Evolv water product is a ground floor business opportunity that is helping thousands of people worldwide to improve not only their health, but also their wealth.

Founded in November, 2009, Evolv Health has embraced the direct sales industry as the preferred method to not only market the Evolv water and other products, but to help thousands, and eventually millions of people to overcome economic adversity.

Trey White, the founder of Evolv Health, chose this marketing model for several reasons:

Comparison Shopping

The Evolv water, which was the original product marketed by Evolv Health, is truly unlike any other product on the market. In fact it has been called a “breakthrough product” by a world renowned third party biotechnology company named Futureceuticals.

The fact that there are no competitors is indeed a very good thing for Evolv, however it posed a marketing problem. Trey White realized that if it were sold in retail stores, grocery stores, or drugstores, it would be difficult to educate potential customers. The Evolv water would most likely be placed on store shelves next to vitamin water products, which would lead shoppers to assume it was yet another vitamin water. The question became; what is the best way to educate consumers about the unique formula and potential health benefits of using the Evolv water product.

Popularity Of Direct Sales Model

As he began to investigate alternative marketing models, Trey White (who had no previous experience in direct sales) learned that this marketing model, often called network marketing or multi level marketing, had caught the attention of financial experts such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki – just to name a few.

He recognized that the network marketing model would not only be very beneficial from a business standpoint, but would also solve the first problem. If he were to use network marketing to distribute the Evolv water product, sales would be made face to face, enabling distributors to educate their customers as to the unique properties and benefits of this product.

Wealth Distribution

Trey White recognized that the current economic state was causing the ruin of millions of families. The more he learned about network marketing, the more excited he became about using Evolv Health as a method to not only market his revolutionary product, but to help thousands, even millions of families worldwide to make anywhere from a few hundred, to a few thousand, to many thousands of dollars each month.

In the network marketing model, goods are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. The vast amount of money that is saved on advertising and sharing profits with retail stores is paid to the independent distributors who market the company’s products.

Trey White realized that with this opportunity, he could be influential in helping to distribute the wealth that would be created by Evolv Health to not only the wealthy, but to average, hard working people who were looking for more out of life.

If you’d like to learn more about the Evolv Health opportunity, the link below will prove helpful.